I loved the fact that we took
it to the wall and that we were willing to die for everything that
we said and that some of us did. Certainly there were many, many
flaws. But this was a group of heroic people, and I was part of a
very heroic effort.

After 1977 the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense began a gradual decline. The continuing police raids, weakening leaders, and the split between Eldridge and Huey within the party was too much for the party, and they slowly lost power and influence.

As for Elaine herself, the authors of this website have found it difficult to find accounts of what happened to her after she left the BPP. They do know that she fled with her daughter to France, her home still to date, and they do know that she underwent several therapy sessions to deal with the trauma of her involvement and sudden departure from the BPP. A result of the therapy was the writing of her autobiographical novel, A Taste of Power, from which much of the information on her life was taken.
Elaine closed a very large chapter in her life when she left the Black Panther Party, but it is something she still speaks about frequently today. She left the party behind in 1977 but kept their hopes and drive for creating freedom for the underclass of the world.