1970, Cleaver Splits Party, Huey Released

"But I represent the left wing of the party," he proclaimed, "the International Section, headquartered in Algiers. We're saying it's time to clip the right wing operating out of national headquarters, dominated by the reformist David Hilliard and his nepotistic hierarchy, which includes his reactionary brother, June, and his silly wife, Pat."

March brings about the birth of little
Ericka Brown, named after Ericka Huggins.

In June, Elaine is called away from "the never-madness" to join Eldridge Cleaver in North Korea for three weeks. After leaving little Ericka in the care of her friends and being prepped for her journey by David Hilliard, Elaine joins along with nine other American journalists overseas to find the Black Panther Party's minister of information, nicknamed "Papa." Leaving from what may have been one madness to another, Elaine finds that Eldridge called them together to announce a split in the party, between 'his' International section and the weaker, coddling American chapters led by David Hilliard, which had 'put down the gun' and lost its revolutionist ideals. Elaine was to be his emissary and help him oust the 'stagnant' wing.

"All you have to do is sound the alarm. Do it because you love me. … Take a .45 or something, walk into national headquarters," he went on seriously, "and put it to David's head. Tell [him] you've come with a message from me: I'm taking back the Black Panther Party in the name of the true revolutionaries."

Elaine is dead set against Eldridge's wishes, believing 1) that Eldridge's proposal would destroy the BPP from within, and 2) he was wrong. The for-the-people programs he saw as a path to a failed revolution were the only things keeping the party alive, and David Hilliard truly admired Eldridge besides. Eldridge Cleaver was furious at Elaine's refusal to aid him and grew threateningly hostile. He extended the three weeks in Korea to six weeks, as well as one week visits to Vietnam and Beijing, dragging Elaine and all the reporters with him. Managing what she believed was a submissive façade, Elaine thankfully returns to the States, unsure of how to take Eldridge's orders to Huey Newton and David Hilliard, but certain this marked the end of the BPP.
She meets Huey Newton when she first steps into the U.S. terminal.