Bobby Hutton was the first and youngest member to join the BPP at 16 years of age in December of 1966. Born in 1950, he strongly believed in the demands and vision of the BPP and was committed to serving his community. In 1966, he led a group of Panthers to the state capitol of Sacramento to protest against a new gun bill, the Mulford Act, that prohibited people from carrying guns in public, passed right after the Panthers’ police patrols around the area. Unfortunately, Hutton’s life was cut short when he was killed by Oakland police in the shooting ambush on April 6, 1968. Police ambushed a few members of the BPP, firing for over an hour. However, when Hutton came out of the building in surrender, he was shot 12 times. Over 2000 people attended his funeral, mourning this charismatic, dedicated man who was unjustifiably killed.