The Black Panther Party was the most notorious, most powerful, and the most feared organization of the United States during the Black Power Movement of the 1960’s and 70’s. Trying to bond blacks together, the BPP encouraged black dignity, self-reliance, and fought for self-defense, setting it apart from any other Black organization of its time. Establishing chapters in cities all across the country, they created a name for themselves within the Black Power Movement through their role in supporting and representing the black people of America, and took action even by means of bearing arms to fulfill their cause. Leading such a fierce and radical party that had so many supporters, yet at the same time, so much opposition was definitely no easy task. Therefore, it is simply incredible that Elaine Brown could take charge of this massive force, at a time when women were not even expected to be in any kind of power. Elaine Brown fought against great odds to enforce her place of leadership in this party, and it gave her a taste and understanding of the uses of power. Elaine Brown has devoted the rest of her life to the pursuit of brining that power to bear on behalf of disenfranchised black Americans. Her place in the BPP would forever instill in her the will to fight for what she believed in.