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John Greene is a courageous young man who, when faced with adversity, Can keep his head on and his chin up. He is currently a senior at BLS and this is his fifth Seevak project. Asked about the future John replied, "...well "Plan A" is to go to college, graduate and get commissioned a Naval Officer, serve a few years, and then run for president...of the United States. "Plan B" is to just go sailing." Asked about a "Plan C" John quickly responded, "Come on...give "A" a chance first." "Johnny B" loves his family, his friends and getting his cat, Thumbalina, high on cat nip. His determination and perseverance is manifested through his ability to juggle the many aspects of his life, from sailing to his perpetual reading of source code, which occupies his time. Moreover, have you ever seen anyone look so much like a secret service agent in a suit with sunglasses?
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