Vandana Shiva, a 46-year-old physicist, philosopher and feminist, was born in the city of Dehra Dun, located at the bottom of the Himalayas. She is known as one of most eloquent speakers who help fight for people's rights. She holds a master's degree in particle physics and in 1978 completed her Ph.D. in the philosophy of science. She is active in citizens' action against environmental destruction, including the Chipko Movement. She also directs a seed conservation project, and is part of the Indian National Environmental Council. She supported the grassroot networks all across India. She is directing an international movement on Food Rights.


She was not the only one who was of a help to community. Her grandfather went on a hunger strike just to build a college for girls and her mother inspected this college, making sure it was running normally. She became very successful working at this college and soon met a husband while there. Being successful didn't mean anything to her so her husband left her with a child.


In 1993, She won the prestigious right livelihood award for her work with national and international environment organizations. This was an award in ecology that had been given since 1980. She also established Navdanya (a movement for biodiversity conservation and farmers' rights in India.) In 1982 she created a research foundation for science, technology and ecology where they worked on biodiversity conservations and protecting peoples' rights from threats to their lives and environment by centralized systems of monoculture in forestry, agriculture and fisheries. In 1988 she represented an environmental group at the People's Tribunal concerning the World Bank and IMF. She was a member of the 1991 World Congress on Women and Environment.