Nelson Mandela "Amadelakufa!" (Death Defiance!)


We are pleased to thank the people that helped us in our endeavors to create this web site. We owe our success to our advisor, Mr. Gavin for his helpful advice . Our angel Ify, Julie, and Julia also are partly responsible for helping us on many occasions when we were lost and in need of guidance. Our fellow students Kelly, Isacc, and Bora made our time in the Mac lab a bit easier. Speaking of the Mac lab, our dear Ms. Freeman who made it possible for us to use it, and provided us with classes to further enlighten ourselves.


Lastly we would like to thank the man who made this all possible Mr. Seevak! And of course we musy thank Nelson Mandela himself for giving us a beautiful character to write about, but also for his endeavors to make the world a better place for everyone.