Nelson Mandela "Amadelakufa!" (Death Defiance!)













His Legacy

Nelson Mandela had dedicated his life to end the apartheid and all other racial segregation. He was an amazing person, with humor, charm, dignity, morality, kindness, determination, and strength surging through his veins. Whenever people might criticize him, they criticize only his political decisions and actions, never does Nelson Mandela receive criticism as a person. His stamina is truly to wonder at. Even after 27 years in prison (see robben island), not an ounce of bitterness dwells within him. He cares for the simple things in life, and loves all children. He lives by age-old wisdom taught to him by his elders at a young age.

Nelson Mandela gave all his energy to fight unjust segregation. Yet he wouldn't resort to violence until every other means of negotiation had been exhausted, (when the council that spoke for the rights of blacks was suddenly banned). And even then Mandela would never aim to harm people. His men would destroy machines, not humans. "Even as a boy," he wrote in his autobiography, "I always defeated my opponents without dishonoring them."

As a president he never did things for publicity, he did them because they needed to be done. Little is it known that the same day that he had comforted the family of a black girl shot "accidentally" by a while farmer, he'd taken a helicopter to the home of a dying 12-year-old white African girl, who was suffering of leukemia, whose dream was to meet him. Its amazing that a politician today has managed to free himself from his schedule and grant a dying girl's wish without making publicly known.

Now at the age of 84, the Hero For Humanity doesn't even think of retiring. Now that Mandela is done fighting apartheid, he's taking on the new threat to his people; AIDS. He feverently watches over his people so that pregnant women and new born children have access to the medicine they need to stop the spread of the virus, and recently he has asked other countries for resources and help. A new plan is forming to fight the decease: The New Partnership for Africa's Development.

And as always, Nelson Mandela is watching over his beloved children through the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund. The organization nurtures and empowers kids, gives them room to develop, to learn, to grow, and to make their own choices and the right decisions. Hopefully Mandela's great wisdom will pass along to the next generations.