Jonathan Kozol is an advocate for the poor, the homeless, the forgotten, and the underprivileged. He fights to eradicate injustice, and to create equal opportunity for all the members of society, especially the children. He has spent his time rallying for support, as well as being an unnoticed bystander, one who chronicles the injustice with a humane face. However, the issue which Kozol hopes to resolve is far too great for him to face on his own, and therefore the greatest component of Kozol's platform for social change is based upon public enlightenment. Kozol reaches out to society and informs the people, who were either ignorant of its existence or simply oblivious, of the egregious levels of discrimination among society. Kozol hopes that an enlightened society will address the issue and call for change.

Jonathan Kozol's books are candid, and profound. They express the needs of the poor, and impress upon the reader the urgency of their situation simply by stating the facts. There is no circumlocution for the stark reality itself is overwhelming without any dramatization. Kozol's books were a large component of our research, and have changed our perceptions of the world.