We are three very tired Boston Latin School students. John who had heard of Jonathon Kozol during a lecture in a German class suggested him. Glen and Mark agreed and began to research Kozol. Everything we found impressed us. The sheer enormity of his passion for his causes and his ability to present the plights of people in a clear and reasonable argument appealed to us. This site, while being probably one of the most intensive research projects we have ever undertaken, was very rewarding. Throughout we were able to step back and ask ourselves, "Do we care enough? What kind of people are we? Are we racist and pitiless towards the poor or do we actually do something about the problems we see around us?" This allowed us to take an objective view to Kozol's work. We all became impressed with him as a person whether we agreed with his analyses, his work, his goals, or not. We had the great luck to find someone that we could admire and who has made a tangible difference.

Furthermore, as individuals and as a group we have learned much about ourselves throughout the duration of this project. Below we have compiled a list of some of the more precious gems which we have acquired during our pursuit of knowledge, the proper way of invoking the muse and of the "sick genius" which it inspires.

Number of times we said we were done: 83
Number of hours of sleep per night: 3 (if we were lucky)
Number of times Mark passed out and got made fun of for it: 2
Number of times "Cano Arma Virumque" was uttered: 45
Number of times Glen said "ridiculous" in a two week span: Innumerable

Finally, we would like to extend the invitation to visit our photo documentary, located in the bar to the right, which chronicles our lives for the past few months and the effects the Seevak Website Design Competition has had on our lives. Thanks,

~Johnny B, GNICE, & Marky Mark