Tahmeena Faryal

The attacks of September 11th have shaken the nation to the core. Many hero's have emerged from the rubble: the bravest firefighters, Mayor Giuliani, but the one which caught our  attention was Tahmeena Faryal. Faryal is a woman fighting for the the oppressed people of Afganistan. Unlike the United States and their efforts to "liberate" the country with bombs and lack of understanding, Faryal is a native and she is touring the world in an effort to raise awareness of what Afganistan truely needs. She is acknowledged by some of todays most prominent media and political figures and has already made her mark with popular conventions such as Jay Leno's Tonite Show and The Subcommittee of the US House on International Operations and Human Rights. She is a modern day hero that is still fighting today. We wanted to select a individual with a strong standing in society today and deserves more recognition for her endevours.o 

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