Baron Pierre de Coubertin

Individuals of the pacifist persuasion have searched for centuries for a way to convince the brothers and sisters of the world to silent their arms, unite in harmony and celebrate the human spirits and inspirations of the souls.

No other individuals have come close to realizing this dream than Baron Pierre de Coubertin. While other pacifists have achieved temporary peace in their own time, Pierre de Coubertinıs gift, the Olympics, has become a lasting legacy of hope, unity, peace and inspiration. Every four years the Olympics offer a peaceful two-week period of celebration of human performances with an underlying emphasis on the worldıs politics and social unity. Sadly, as happened in the 1972 games in Munich when 5 Palestinian terrorists killed two Israeli Olympians and took nine others hostages, the Games were not completely spared from human hatred and dark deeds. However, the keynotes of the Olympic games have always been peace and unity. These two things have overshadowed the blemishes unforgiving by the struggles of manıs hatred, greed, and ideologies.

The Olympics are more than a grand celebration of athletic prowess. Baron de Coubertin intended the Games to be rooted in the politics and social aspects of our society. He also wanted the Olympics to be a religion of its own. A religion whose fate of brotherhood and love is observed by all the people of different ethnicity, creeds and nationalities. A religion which persuades peace and dissuade violence and war. Indeed, for every four years, for about fourteen days, for 336 hours, Baron Pierre de Coubertinıs dream zealously lives.