Help Section

This site has been tested on a variety of platforms. On most platforms it performs without any problems; noted problems are listed next to each browser name and version number.

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Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 No Known Problems
  6.0 (Mac) No Known Problems
  5.5 No Known Problems
  5.0 No Known Problems
  5.0 (Mac) No Known Problems
Netscape Navigator (Mozilla) (PC and Mac) 4.73 Minor graphical errors in lefthand side bar
(random blue lines) Detrimentality to site is minimal.
Netscape (Gecko) (PC and Mac) 6.x Dropdown navigation may not work on Netscape 6.x. This is because Netscape completely reworked its DOM to require external scripts that are not supported by any other browsers, while simultaneously withdrawing support for the prior methods we were using. We attempted to use the scripts on this site, but it was very detrimental to performance on all non-Gecko browsers, and interfered with scripts that were already existing on our site. Therefore if you are using Netscape 6.x, we request that you use the pop-up navigation as opposed to the drop-down navigation (click on 'nav' to the left).