"The Olympic Games are the quadrennial celebration of the springtime of humanity."
- Baron Pierre de Coubertin

Unity in Art

Although Baron Pierre de Coubertin was born into an aristocratic family that believed he should become a soldier, his mother was a musician and his father was an artist. This artistic influence was later incorporated into his formation of the Olympics. At each of the Olympic Games, there have been massive exhibitions from the world of the arts, for example, at the Opening Ceremony.

Coubertin actually believed that athletic groups should form singing unions. The official Olympic Hymn, used in today's Olympic ceremonies, was created by the Greek composer Spiros Samaras. Coubertin stated his position with regard to music and the Olympics in his novel, Modern Olympic Games,

Fashions have undergone many changes over two thousand years, but music has remained the factor which best conveys the emotion within a crowd, and which best accompanies the amplitude of a great spectacle.

For each of the Olympic Games in recent memory, a song has been written that is dedicated specifically to that year of the Games. These songs are uplifting and carry a deep, spiritual message directed at the athletes. Yet, they are indirectly related to the average viewing crowd. This message now becomes in inspiration to the world as people are then made to strive to achieve their highest potential.

Therefore, not only will the ceremony be motivating, it allows people to learn about the culture of another region. Coubertin again stretched boundaries, by not only connecting sports to peace, but including the world of the arts as well.