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        This is our tribute to the author, mother, worker, volunteer, and philantropist, Chitra Banarjee Divakaruni. Not many people have heard of her name, but the ones who have speak it with the clarity of her writing, and her deeds. We met Chitra a few weeks ago on a rainy day after trudging numerous blocks of unfamiliar streets to arrive at Cambridge Public Library where she was speaking there that night on account of her new book. It was there that we delved a little deeper in her soul, and it was there that she began take shape, no longer just an image or a piece of writing on paper.

        I must say, it was wholly satisfying to hear her speak, and to hear the convictions of her readers. The earnesty of her stories transcended through many cultures, and as an immigrant, it touched my heart. And as a female, her work for Maitri throughout the state of California, as well as community service in India along side Mother Teresa touched my heart. She is someone all three of us would strive to be like - strong, dedicated, and able to balance the opposing natures of the two cultures. As women, and as immigrants, we would like to thank her.

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Mingjian Chen, Yiting Jin, and Nana Liu