Adolf Hitler


Hitler was the illegitimate son of Alois Hitler. In 1913, at the beginning of World War I, he joined the Bavarian Army. While serving in this war, he received the Iron Cross for his bravery during the war. The war served to harden his strong and ever-growing ≥nationalism≤. He blamed the defeat of Germany on Jewish and Marxists. This marked the beginning of his descent toward iniquity.

Hitler was a master at manipulating and delivering disguised propaganda toward the German people. With his strong ≥nationalism≤ and ability to enthuse the people, he was able to manipulate a whole nation into believing in him, and presuming that all the economic distress was due to the presence of Jewish people. Although many people believe that his hatred and cruelty was due to a mental instability, many historians believe that he in fact committed all of his cruel and atrocious actions while in a clear state of mind. His most important achievement was being able to unite such a large mass of people behind him. His followers were all from different classes and religious groups. This was something unique and unprecedented at this time in Germany. Historians believe that if he had died in 1938 before the commencement of the mass executions, he would have been considered the greatest statesman in the history of the German people.