Marion Wiesel



Marion Wiesel is the wife of Elie Wiesel. When she was just a child at the age of six and a half, she experienced some very tough times during the Holocaust. She saw her great aunt being forced to wash sidewalks and other people laughing at her. Marion Wiesel and her family were forced to leave their home and it took approximately four years for them to arrive to safety. Her family hired a guide to transport them illegaly to Belgium. However, in 1940, the Nazis marched into Belgium and took over. Marion and her family were then taken to an internment camp at France. At the internment camps people were not killed, instead they were left to die of hunger and diseases without treatment. In 1942, her mother had to sell the last of her jewelry and silver and then they paid a guide to take them illegaly across the border to Switzerland. They stayed in Switzerland until 1947.

Although these experiences are far from what Elie experienced, these experiences are still extremely severe and affect her to this day It is amazing that there is a couple devoted so much to the people on this world and their welfare. Marion Wiesel has translated 11 books for her husband from French to English. Today she lives with her husband and son, Elisha.