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These clips come from an interview with Robert Moses conducted over the phone by John Greene and Jeremy Jackson.

These interview files are in the streaming Quicktime audio format. You can listen to them by using Quicktime 5.0.

Listen! My question is about your transition from Hamilton College right into your Civil Rights work in Mississippi. I read in your book how you talked about being an observer in the white world of Hamilton College and it struck me and surprised me that how suddenly you could move right in to civil rights.
Listen! I was wondering if you could elaborate the meaning of "Minimum of common conceptual cohesion" towards the people of the movement and how the meaning of the "one person one vote" was important to the disenfranchised in Mississippi.
Listen! Around the end of the movement, near the end of the 1960's, how has the organizing process left the people of the South or did the popularity die out as the media lost attention?
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