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Read! Read an excerpt from Frank P. Parker's book, Black Votes Count, about the obstacles facing black voters from the 1900's.
Read! Read James Foreman's The Making of Black Revolutionaries. Bob Moses writes notes about his experiences in the counties, the horrible treatment of African-Americans and how he felt about all this.
Read! Read an excerpt from Doug McAdam's Freedom Summer: "America on the Eve of the Freedom Summer," "Voter Registration," and the "Freedom Schools." It also tells an account of the assasination attempt on Robert Moses himself.
Read! Read the other side of the story from the Ku Klux Klan's publication, the Klan Ledger and their stance for segregation.
Read! Read an excerpt from Mildred Pitts Walter's Mississippi Challenge about Amzie Moore, an elected branch president for the NAACP.
Read! Read an excerpt from William Heath's The Children Bob Moses Led. Robert Moses writes about his history, his studies, what he ultimately learns, and discusses his involvement with the Civil Rights Movement.
Read! This excerpt is from, concerning James Earl Chaney, a NAACP supporter, a Freedom Bus rider and joined the Mount Zion Methodist Church that later burned down.
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