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The Crossover to Math

The Principles and Structure
o Read about Community Organizing and Development of the Algebra Project Network

Jumpstarting A Project
o Learn about the 1994 video Calculating Change. It shows how parents and communities can work together to promote better, more creative math and science education.

oA report on The Algebra Project is included in this documentary.

Germinating Its Seeds
o Read how Boston's Ten Point Coalition honored the 30th anniversary of Freedom Summer.

o The Southern Initiative of the Algebra Project

Reaching Beyond the Horizon
o Read a transcript of a panel discussion in which Dave Dennis discusses the Algebra Project.

o Visit the Algebra Project's website

o Read an interview with Robert Moses.

Experiencing the Curriculum
o Read about the Transition Curriculum

o Read about The African Drums & Ratios Curriculum

o Read about Teacher Training and Support Programs

o Discussion with Jackie Rivers, Algebra Project Coordinator and Claude Snead, Algebra Project Intern

The Algebra Project Today
o Learn about the MacArthur Fellows Program

o Learn about Moses' 1999 Heinz Award

o Listen to an February 2001 interview with Bob Moses

o Learn about the Young People's Project

o Learn about Linking Up Villages

o If you want to order Robert Moses' book Radical Equations,

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