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First of all, the legal items: All the information on this website is copyrighted 2001. All of the writings on this website were written by Jeremy Jackson, Johnny B. Greene and Dennis Ng and excerpts from these writings can only be used by our permission. Please do not plagiarize, we value the long hours we spent on this project. Use our website as a tool, not a replacement and you will be in good hands.

This Robert Moses website was created, developed, written and tested by three young Boston Latin School students: Jeremy Jackson '01, Dennis Ng '01, and Johnny B. Greene '03, from left to right in the Boston Latin School MacLab.

This website is part of the Boston Latin School Seevak Competition for 2001 . The yearly Seevak competition is an Internet website competition that asks students to design websites that demonstrate and rediscover the significance of people or groups of people.

We will not lie; Seevak has taken hundreds of hours away from other pursuits like Tennis, dinner and even other school work but in the end, we do not regret taking part in Seevak at all.If there was only one aim, it would be that we hope you eventually learn something you did not know before.

Happy explorations!

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