The New Deal era really was not a time unto itself, but was merely a portion of the Great Depression. However, the New deal era deserves attention as a stand-alone time period because it was the complete antithesis of the Great Depression in tone and in mood.

The New Deal Era was the time between the beginnings of the New Deal programs, 1934, to the outbreak of World War II. The New Deal era was a time of hope and renewal. The Depression had bottomed out earlier, and millions of people were poverty-stricken and unemployed. But there was a new president at the helm, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He had a plan to undo the damage done to the country. And he said he could do it in five years!

To a person daily wading through piles of garbage on the street for food, with a dumpster as a mattress and a sky for a blanket, this was excellent news. Suddenly, there were JOBS! Out of nowhere, throughout the country, new and enormous projects were cropping up, all for the benefits of the country's citizens, and there were jobs everywhere! They came with food, board, and a decent pay.

Unemployment figures began to drop. Banks formerly closed were now opening again. When a big project was finished, the people could keep the jobs they got at one of the subcontractors at the site.

Down South and in the inner city, even better results are occurring. You are poor, you are homeless, and you are black. You are not alone; there are many others, black and white, in your situation. Whenever a job opens up, one of the white guys gets it, and you are left out. Then, a government agent comes up to you and offers you training in a job. Not only that, but you get paid a stipend. You get re-educated, and when a job opens up in a furniture-making shop, you get the job. Here is another case in point that the New Deal was.

However, not everyone liked the New Deal. It did cost around 18 billion dollars to implement, and once the short-term recovery boom occurred, many people did not see the need to continue. However, FDR bravely trudged on, and managed to stake it out until 1938.