Young Life

Eleanor Roosevelt is known as the First Lady of the World. Her life was filled with pains and struggles, and yet she never gave up her fight for the improvement of human conditions. Her extraordinary work changed how people looked at the world and it also gave hope to those who needed it the most. Born Anna Eleanor Roosevelt on October 11, 1884 in Oyster Bay, New York, she was considered an ugly baby. During her life she was never termed as beautiful, but in our opinion she was more beautiful than anyone living then. Beauty comes from within and that beauty shone brightly in her smile. Her parents died when she was very young and so she went to live with her grandmother. She thought it best to send her to Allenswood, a girls' finishing school in England run by a Mademoiselle Souvestre, when she turned 14. There she would learn how to come out ofher shell and be the confident young women she was.

First Lady of the World

After leaving Allenswood she got reacquainted and fell in love with her cousin Franklin Delano Roosevelt. They were soon married. They then moved in with Franklin's mother Sara who took over Eleanor's chores as housewife and mother to the children she would eventually have. This bothered the young woman but it also freed her to join the many women's organizations she did. Franklin, following the footsteps of many Roosevelts before him became a politician and was soon appointed as the governor of New York. In 1921 Franklin contracted polio and was paralyzed from the waist down. He thought that this was a reason to give up his political life, but Eleanor and a friend of Franklin's named Louis Howe would not let him do this. Franklin needed to treat his ailment so Eleanor was put in his place as his representative to keep the Roosevelt name in the limelight. This was a really good opportunity for Eleanor to voice many of her concerns, especially those on women's issues. Franklin's condition soon improved however and he was once again elected governor of New York. Not too long after that in 1933, he was elected President of the United States. All of this was to be attributed to Eleanor. She was his backbone when his became weak. She stood for him when he couldn't stand. "She was his eyes and ears" as some would say. During her first years as First Lady she took enormous interest in helping women, children, minorities and the poor. This did not change during the twelve years she was first lady. When WWII broke out Mrs. Roosevelt flew around the world becoming a one woman Red Cross Unit. She traveled all over encouraging and cheering on US soldiers everywhere.

Near the End

Immediately after the war was over, her husband died; this was a great loss to the world. President Truman took over the Presidency and appointed the former first lady to the United Nations Delegations. With this Committee, she would write the Declaration of Human Rights. She felt that writing this declaration was one of her greatest accomplishments. When Eisenhower took over the Presidency, the former first lady resigned from her political duties because the Republicans thought of her as a busybody. She did not fade into the background like most expected her to; she continued to tour the country and the world giving speeches at colleges and for various organizations, and her radio program was still a success. Eleanor Roosevelt enjoyed a full life. She died at the age of seventy from health complications. When the mother of the world died, she was greatly missed.

You are Forever in Our Hearts

Many have looked for a motive behind what she did. We believe that she was lonely. She had so many people around herŠyet she was lonely. She made the world her family, the family she did not have growing up. She could never see someone in need and not help him or her. Eleanor Roosevelt was a beautiful woman who did beautiful things. Her heart was filled with so much love it spread onto every continent. She was an unforgettable first lady. She set the stage for many first ladies who are now activists. She showed the world that the life of a first lady did not just include parties and dinners; to be a first lady you become mother to the world.


Eleanor Roosevelt led an admirable life. Although her own life was always filled with suffering and pain, she strove to improve the lives of others. Her contribution to the world went far beyond simple donations of money, for she also gave people immense amount of emotional support. Unlike other people who suffered in their childhood, she never took "revenge on the world," but instead used her knowledge of pain to relieve that of others. She had so much love in her that she never asked for something in return. She just gave and gave, not minding the suffering in her own heart. She had set a model for many women and first ladies to come. She showed them how a selfless heart could bring so much happiness into the world, that somehow a person's own well being was not important anymore. The organizations she founded or joined became more prominent and made the people of the world more aware of the suffering of their peers. She opened their eyes to the things they could do to help.


Her publicity as the first lady of the United States gave enough fame to make people listen to her. No person ever before could use fame so effectively to bring people together for a good cause. Her work on women's rights and human rights induced many reforms in these areas. Also, through her inspiration, many First Ladies since then have been very active in politics and their husband's political decisions. She gave birth to a new generation of first ladies who would strive to affect the world as much as their husbands did. Her influence could be seen worldwide and have lasted until today. Most of her organizations still exist, and many people can still remember her and what she did to the world. Unfortunately, however, since her time, there has been very few who could equal or exceed her spirit of altruism, of them none from the U.S. Recently, the U.S. has been voted off the Commission of Human Rights of the United Nations. After Eleanor Roosevelt's era, there was no person who could affect the lives of others as she did, while the U.S. plunged into a depth of immorality. Violence has been increasing, and there is no one here magnanimous enough to serve the people of the world as Eleanor Roosevelt did. This is her legacy and it may never be repeated.