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Right now I'm very tired and if I don't go get some rest soon I'm going to collapse. But if I have to write this thing I might as well do it now before Julie comes and gets even more mad at me than she already is. (She's my sister.) But honestly, I don't have any clue about what I can say about myself. I'm just a very boring person unlike my sister who likes computers and wants to go to Yale and knows what she wants in life or at least some kind of idea of it. I have no clue what I want to do or what I even like to do. I'm very unsure of myself at this point in life. All I ever do these day is sleep, watch tv, sleep some more, eat and sleep some more. My friends always wonder how I get my homework done at all while they go home every night with their backpacks full of books and notebooks. I leave school with merely nothing but a folder and my agenda book. It's weird now that I get good grades but it seems like I hardly ever do any work at all. When I'm not sleeping at home or the weekend when I'm not doing anything else I'll go shopping with my second favorite to do other than of course, sleeping. For me, it's always fun to go shopping even if I don't intend on buying a single thing. At school you can usually find me at my locker after every class talking with friends or stopping in front of 027 and screaming "Hey, Mr. Luis" to my favorite teacher lol. But in the end I'm just a boring person and I have still nothing really important or interesting to say about myself.


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