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Medium French Vanilla. Cream. Three sugars. These are probably the first words that come out of my mouth every morning Monday through Friday. If you asked for me anywhere in the school, you'd probably hear that I'm one smart techie when it comes to computers. I doubt that. Or you can ask for me and people say: "Hey, she owes me five bucks, I never got my student ID replacement." I've had 20+ people stop me in the hall and say that. How many times do I have to say that I don't do the stupid IDs? I just tried to help the person who did fix the computers. Hey, she owes me five bucks too.

Aside from the coffee and computers, there's a lot to me. Feelings and emotions rush though this crammed mind more often and faster than it is healthy. I'm surrounded by the dreams and aspirations of my parents as well as the problems of a society which I find so many faults in. Life is such a complicated journey that I don't have a map for. I feel lost and torn between choices. But what I recently realized is that happiness is most important. And believe it or not, this epiphany came about due to the guidance of some members of the BLS community. Last year I was on the same track as many at the BLS community. It's a lost track forged by the expectations of everyone in accomplishing everything. I rode that track and ended up with Bronchitis and quitting both JV Basketball and my job and the Harvard Library. I've found happiness is doing what I love and what I want, not what people ask me to do.

I'm not truly satisfied with the map I've made, but no one can be. In the next two years at BLS, I plan to study a great deal on both computer sciences and history. Afterwards, I plan to do my undergrad at Yale and see where it takes me. I may end up in the CEO chair of an Internet Tycoon or in the courtroom as a lawyer. Or if I get lucky I may create my own occupation and combine the both.

And last but not least, I want to thank people. I want to thank, mom, dad, Sally, Nellie and Raymond. Though I say I want to leave Boston and get away from my family, I still love you very much. I want to thank Mr. Robert Lee, a mentor and friend I met at BLS whose memory still makes me cry. I wish you were here today so I could tell you how much you've done for me. I would also like to thank Mrs. Methelis, Ms. Chi, Mr. Fulton, Mr. Stone, Ms. Freeman, Mr. Gwiazda and my friends. All of you have helped me make it this far through BLS. And oh yeah, thanks to John, Stephen, Christina, Sheila, James, Minh, Dennis, Hector, Wendy, Purva, Farhana, Nenna, Leah, Jamila, Johhanne, Emily, Steven, Ben and whoever else put up with me the last couple of weeks with this whole Seevak project on my mind!


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