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This website was designed and created for the 2001 Seevak Facing History and Ourselves Website Competition at the Boston Latin School. On this page, you will find out more about the purpose and goal of the website, the people who created, and the proper thanks and acknowledgements to people who made this site possible.

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About Us: Find out more about the three students who created this website.
About this Site: Whose site is this and what is its purpose of existance?
Acknowledgements: Thank yous to everyone who made this site possible.
Credits: Credit needs to be given to other people out there who contributed to this site in one form or the other.
Help/FAQ: A help and frequently asked questions section.
Legal Disclaimer: Read our disclaimer. There are rules as to what you may take from this site and what you may not take.
Links: Links to other places on the web that are related to this page.
Sources: A general list of souces. On each of the various pages on this site, the sources should already be stated but this is general list of all the information we have used in the creation of this site.



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