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If you did a Google Search on Morris Dees, what you would find is a lot of hate sites on Dees. Many people out there hate Morris Dese for what he's done. Of the nearly 400 hate sites on the web, many of them have some section of hate that is directed at Morris Dees. Therefore, it was difficult for us as a group to get information off the Internet regarding Morris Dees.

So, we wrote to the Southern Poverty Law Center and various Libraries including the Facing History Library in Brookline. We scanned in all the materials and pictures ourselve. We got a lot of the information from Morris Dees' book, A Season for Justice.

Some of the information presented in this site, you will find nowhere else. That's why we must put a legal disclaimer here. In order to use the information we recieved especially the pictures, we needed to get permission from the various owners. The Southern Poverty Law Center has given us permission to use information from their publications. If you wish to use any of the information especially pictures, you must write to the Southern Poverty Law Center yourself. We cannot and will not give you permission to use anything here.

The pictures and other Multimedia are provided on this site to be viewed from this site only and nowhere else. If you're going to take something or can't resist, then please leave. If you have any problems with this, you may contact us.

I, Julie Ng, designed this site all on my own. DO NOT take it and/or modify it and use it on your own site. Yes, this does happen and yes this has happened to me before with other designs. If you wish to use it in any form, please email me and I may or may not give you permission to use it. I can be really nice and I can be really mean. I'm sure you want to meet the nice side of me and not the side that will hack your site to pieces if I see my design elsewhere. Thanks.

Thank you for reading.

If you don't agree with the above, please leave.


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