Website: Credits

For the most part, this site was created by the team members themselves, but there are certain things that deserve credit to third parties. None of these additions are content related but rather design and feature related.

Cool Menus: Do you notice the menus at the top? There's four buttons and when you roll over them, you get a small layer of items that you can select. Of course, we did not write the javascript ourselves. The javascript was based on the code of Mr. Thomas Brattli and the menu on his site, DHTML Central. Thanks Mr. Brattli :)

Tree Menu: On several pages of this site including this one I believe, there is a tree menu. The tree menu is the thing with the folders in which you can click. When you click them, the folder opens and some documents are shown. The code for the menu was based on Marcelino Martin's Folder Tree Menu v2.0

Textual ToolTip Script: This is the script featured on the opening page of this site. When you rollover an item it changes the contents of another layer. It was found on the Dynamic Drive site.

Oh, and I must give credit to Dan Lowe, whose functions I used in creating the php photo gallery. They're virtually his functions and I have to thank him for creating it. :)

Most other features were done in php by Julie. If you have any questions regarding the other features and how they function, you can email her at


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