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Well, what is there to say? I don't exactly believe that anything I say here will tell you exactly who I am - my activities only tell a fraction of the things I like to do...and that doesn't include all of those pastimes which are not considered extracurricular. However, I will digress. I am currently a sophomore at the Boston Latin School whose interests range anywhere from thinking about life to singing in Show Choir. I play four different instruments and I wish to endeavor in learning more. The next stop is the guitar…hopefully. I sing in three different choirs and I would like to continue that minor career in acting I started in eighth grade, which I still laugh about (!): I was Ariel in The Tempest at the Wheelock Theater, which sadly received a most embarrassing review. No matter, I'm not much of an actress. I am amazed at artists in general: the actor for living the life of a character completely unknown to his own personality, a painter in realism who can bring life to a canvas from mere tubes of pigment, the musician who invokes the inner spirit of every emotion in a sleeping heart. My favorite sport is soccer although I've not played in a very long while…indeed, I've not engaged in any sort of physical exertion. It's just a bit unhealthy. When I'm not at my music school or working at the MFA, I'm most likely in a meeting with various organizations I seem to be involved with. I like to write poetry, none of which is any good, and to think and write about my thoughts on life. I have many wishes to start some sort of career in business, but as yet that is unclear. I love to bring organization to any chaotic scene and I think that my personality best fits the title. I can't explain it, you'll have to meet me.
: ) There you have it. Me in a nutshell.

Working on Seevak has given me a greater perspective on the challenges that people faced against greater opposition. In fact, a great wonder overcame me when I first read Morris Dees autobiographical book: A Season for Justice, especially reading about the constant death threats to himself and to his family. A great and natural respect must occur when regarding this man, whose feats in life have become an object of most profound admiration.


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