Website: Thank Yous & Acknowledgements

Oh, there are so many people to thank! First of all, there's Morris Dees because without him there would be no project on him. He is such a wonderful person to have done all this!

Ms. Freeman
We would really like to thank Ms. Freeman for ALL the newspapers, videos, tapes, magazines, and what not that she has given us. (Wow, she has a lot of junk. lol) Really though, we want to thank her. At first we had some people in our minds of whom we could do for this project, but none of them were really strong. So of course, the day before the submission of applications are due, we ask her who we should do. And she's like: "how 'bout Morris Dees? I'm surprised no one has done him before."

After a bit of search, we became infatuated with Morris Dees. His life truly is exemplary and a great example to the future generation. We're really thankful that Ms. Freeman made a good choice. Some time in March, we asked Ms. Freeman if she had anything on Morris Dees. She said something like: "let me dig up what I can." I didn't expect for her to come in the next day with a giant stack of newspapers and videos. WOW. Also, thanks needs to be given to Mr. Idzik. Most of the newspapers and newsletters were his. Hey, Mr. Izdik! Goodluck with baby Idzik. :)

Ms. Chi
Thanks for helping us out with editing of our writing and what not. We're glad you found time amongst this busy MCAS schedule to meet with us and help us out. You're our 'focus group'. We can't really write, or at least I (Julie) can't.

Mr. Giazda
What's up Mr. G? Yep, you're on this page too. Mr. Gwiazda, thanks for helping us out and giving us incite into the structure of our site. Because of you, this site better than it was when it first started out. I (Julie) am glad that this year we spoke to you often as opposed to last year. Your advice has really given us a chance to go against seniors. :)

Penny Weaver
Penny Weaver is the Communications Coordinator at the Southern Poverty Law Center. Thank you very much for everything that you've sent us. You've been most helpful in terms of resources. You've got to be a real dedicated person to send as many brochures, booklets, and pamphlets ASAP to a bunch of kids 1,000 miles away. And thanks for asking Mr. Dees for an interview for us. And thanks for letting us flood you with emails at one time.

Library Media Center @ BLS
Thanks for letting us kill the laser printer by printing out millions of articles millions of pages long. You didn't know that? Oops, well thanks anyway!

Karen @ Facing History Library
Thanks for letting us visit the Facing History Library. I think the best part about that trip was wandering in Brookline and realizing it was behind Sally's old school. What a surprise. And then running into Ms. Freeman there. And thanks for letting us take out something even though we don't have an account. And thanks to Ms. Freeman for letting us use your name. Now, let's see where is that book? Just kidding. Everything will be back @ the library soon, thanks!

If we forgot you, sorry and thank you too!


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