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The purpose of this site is to provide a indept analysis on Morris Dees and his accomplishments. His role in fighting hate has been a most controversial one with his background and his achievements. This site was created for the Seevak Facing History and Our Selves Website Competition.

This site was designed by Julie Ng in Adobe Photoshop and Image Ready. As one can tell, blue is her favorite color :)

In terms of design, there were many challenges to creating the layout of the page. Design was never a problem in creating the page. The biggest problem was getting the site as a whole to work in all Browsers especially Netscape with Netscape 6. It works in all platforms. However the tabs menu in the header is 1 pixel off, but that's okay and is barely noticable.

The header was created out of a few pictures. The big picture in the background is a photo of the Southern Poverty Law Center. In front of that photo is a picture of some marchers. Then to the left is a picture of Morris Dees.

In the footer, the background picture is that of a crowd. It's the crowd that appeared for the 1989 revealment of the Civil Rights Memorial. And the quote in the footer comes from Morris' Dees autobiography, A Season for Justice.

This site was created and optimized by the use of PHP, Javasript, Dreamweaver Templates, and Cascading Style Sheets.


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