Biography: Participant
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Family Reunion
Millard and Dees didn't march themselves but later drove to downtown Montgomery to see the speeches being made. They went to the capitol grounds which were coved with picket lines and yellow tape guarded by troopers and policemen. If one weren't a participant of the march, one wasn't supposed to be on capitol grounds, but Morris and Millard went anyway.

They sat down and watched the speeches being made. Then, Morris' Uncle James, 52, approached. He had .38 pistol in his belt. He scolded Millard and Morris for their actions. He said he should just take the weapon and kill the two right their on capitol grounds. Again, the term 'nigger lovers' was used. This time it was applied to Morris Jr.

At this time, Johnny was 7 and Morris III was nine. They didn't understand what was going on. Beverly understood and stood behind her husband 100% of the time. But the young boys, children, didn't understand why some kids didn't want to play with them. They didn't understand why some kids wouldn't go to birthday parties with them and sit with them on the bus.

By now, Morris had completed his life dream. He had wanted a ranch from the time he bought his first calf with money saved from collecting bottle caps. He bought the Rolling Hills Ranch and bought a horse to rope and ride. Then he hung out with other riders who didn't care if he was a 'nigger lover' or not. His father had wanted him to join the Montgomery Country Club. He didn't want to hang out with the elite. Instead he chose to do something he enjoyed.


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