Biography: Climax
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Snowed In
Morris planned on expanding the business and decided to start another book series, called Above and Beyond, an aerospace Encyclopedia. But now such a venture would require a trip to Chicago to find good writers. In February of 1968, a snowstorm hit Chicago and Morris' plane was forced to land in Cincinnati Ohio.

Learning that he would have to spend the night at the airport, Morris went to get some food from the snack stand and reading material from the newsstand. Clarence Darrow's The Story of My Life caught his eye. By the end of the night, Morris was finished with the book.

"Before daylight, I finished Darrow's story of his life. It changed mine forever. I was reading my own thoughts and feelings. Darrow wrote that as a young boy, "not only could I put myself in the other person's place, but I could not avoid doing so. My sympathies always went to the weak, the suffering, and the poor. Realizing their sorrows, I tried to relieve them in order that I might be relieved." (95)

"I remembered being mocked for writing the letter to the newspaper after Emmett Till had been thrown in the Tallahatchie River. I remembered the blank looks on the faces of the Sunday school assembly in Tuscaloosa and the follow-up demotion contrived by Reverend Williams after I talked about Autherine Lucy. And I remembered asking the Pike Road Baptist Church to pray with me after the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church bombing." (95)

Clarence Darrow had left the corporate world with his position at the Northwestern Railroad Company. He decided to take on cases that fought for equality and dignity. He took on many capital cases and in all, none of the defendants received the death penalty.


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