Background: Aryan Nations

The Aryan Nations is a paramilitary hate group, their prime location near Hayden Lake, Idaho. It was founded in the mid 1970s by Reverend Richard Girnt Butler. It was based on his Jesus Christ Christian, a church afflicted with "identity." Identity was mainly the belief that Anglo-Saxons, excluding Jews were the chosen people. Those who were not white were "mud people." There were thought of as low as animals. Jews were "the children of Satan." The Aryan Nations was mainly an identity group, but they take some Neo-Nazi philosophy.

In the 1980s followers of the Aryan Nations joined the organization called the Order. The Order planned to bring down the U.S. government. They had many activities of murder, counterfeiting, bank robberies, and armed car holdups. However, the group ended in December 1984, when Robert J. Matthews, the leader and founder of the group, was engaged in a shootout with Federal Agents, ending in his death.

Starting in 1993, many Aryan leaders began to leave and Richard Butler's health decreased. The question rose as to who would be his successor. Louis Beam was rumored to be the heir to Butler, and in 1996 at teh world congress of the Aryan Nations, Louis Beam gave a powerful speech. In that speech, he stated that he was the prime choice of successor to Butler.

In 1996, a declaration of Independence was published on the Internet for teh Aryan Nations. Since 1979, the Aryan Nations have reached out to those in prison who hate the government that put them behind bars. In 1987 they began publishing "the way" an outreach newsletter. In late 1997, members rallied in Ohio and distributed anti-Black, an semetic thesis.

In the summer the Aryan Nations holds many hate festivals called the "World Congress of Aryan Nations." These are mainly conferences of hate preaching and hate activities. Speakers from other groups may come and give a speeh on hate as well. These festivals are esued to encourage people to join abd accept their views and philoshopy. They also gave lessons in urban terrorism and guerilla warfare.

On February 16, 1997, the Aryan Nations along with other groups such as the Ku Klux Klan organized rallies at Columbus Ohio to protest Black History Month. In September of 1997, Harold Ray Redfearim, who was the leader of the Aryan Nations group in Ohio was sentenced to 6 monthes in prison for carrying a concealed weapon.



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