History of IMH-VN


IMH-VN is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization established to support the humanitarian projects of International Mission of Hope in Viet Nam. It was created in November, 1999, at a casual get-together organized by Cherie Clark. The group, who had previous experience volunteering in Viet Nam, were sharing their experiences with, as well as their love for, Viet Nam and its people, when Cherie asked the group if they might be willing to form a Board of Directors. The Board would provide International Mission of Hope (IMH) with much needed financial aid from the prosperous West, where IMH-VN would be based. Since IMH by its nature only has a presence in Viet Nam and India, such an offshoot organization is essential if IMH is to interact with the United States (which is functionally at least as important to IMH as the host countries themselves).

Since its inception, the Board has created a website, brochures, and two calendars featuring children adopted from Viet Nam. Additionally, it has visited the humanitarian projects of IMH in Viet Nam and provided general support for families adopting through IMH by means of an e-mail list. Fundraising is starting to take priority now that a solid foundation has been laid for the organization, and it appears as if IMH can now look forward to years of solid growth. It should be noted that all Board Members work for free; all organizations related to Cherie's work are volunteer-based and extremely cost-efficient.