Over the years, through her work with FCVN and later with her own organizations of INTH and IME-VN, Cherie Clark has saved and touched countless lives. It is neither accurate nor efficient to numerically count her deeds for it is not possible to trace the percussion of her work. By arranging an adoption for one Vietnamese war orphan, Cherie makes a lasting impression on both spectrums, in that of the Vietnamese and the adoptive culture.
     Focusing primarily on the 250 orphans that she evacuated from Saigon in 1975 during the 72 hours of Operation Babylift, we see agreat legacy. All of those war orphans, who in the early morning or late night of 1975, had fled their native country in the arms of Cherie Clark or her staff, are now productive members of American society. These people are now in their late twenties or early thirties and are currently holding such professions as doctors, lawyers, engineers, and politicians. Because Cherie Clark and her staff saved them, these people escaped the communist dictatorship and poverty of their country. They add to the "melting pot" of American society and serve as a reminder to America and the rest world of an era that has already been subsided in history text.
     As in every war, during the Vietnam War, the world only focused on the military events and looked at causalities in meaningless numbers. In all war, only the most innocent suffered, these are the orphans. These forgotten souls are only remembered by a small group of people such as Cherie Clark. We salute and congratulate these dedicated and kind hearted people for their work.


Visit a dedication site honoring those humantarians who had lost their lives for the cause of the war orphans. God Bless their Souls.