Burma: Grace Under Pressure

Burma: Grace Under Pressure is a separate site, created by Geoffrey Hiller. Hiller's website is a short multimedia presentation of 15 minutes in length. Combining sound, imagery, flash technique, and a few well-chosen words, Hiller brings the essence of Burma to you, the visitor.

After viewing this website, we understand better the conditions that the people of Burma suffer on a day to day basis. We understand better the people Aung San Suu Kyi is fighting on behalf of. Therefore we undstand better Aung San Suu Kyi as an individual. She is the hope of her nation.

Geoffrey Hiller has courteously given us permisson to link our site to his site. When he replied to our e-mail, he told us that he was delighted--the whole reason why he created his site was so visitors, especially students, would be educated about the situation in Burma.

We HIGHLY recommend paying a visit to this site. You will need a Flash Player to view Burma: Grace Under Pressure

Burma: Grace Under Pressure

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