Impact: International

Rich in minerals and natural resources, Burma was once one of the largest rice-producing countries in the world. It was known by its neighbors as "the breadbasket of Southeast Asia." With the largest and best supply of rubies and sapphires in the world, Burma was surely destined to be a major economic world power.

But what happened?

Soldier of the Burmese Liberation Army
As a result of mismanagement of the SLORC, Burma has now shamefully degraded into a state of chaos and poverty, earning the UN's harsh distinction as one of the LDC's - least developed countries in the world. To become an LDC by UN standards, a country must have a low income, weak human resources, and a low level of economic diversification ( What's even more shameful is that the UN council acknowledges the Republic of Myanmar, thus recognizing the SLORC as the legitimate government of Burma.

Aung San Suu Kyi's efforts in bringing international attention to the inhumanity in her homeland have been recognized by many nations around the world. Three of the most prominent nations that have supported Suu Kyi's cause are Ireland, England, and the United States. Other nations in southeast Asia have also joined in this protest against the poor treatment of Burmese citizens by the SLORC.

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