Thank you...

This website would not have been able to reach its current state, had it not been for the courtesy and guidance of:

  • Mr. Seevak for initiating and sponsoring this competition. We learned so much and met so many great people.
  • Dr. Freeman for lending us books by Aung San Suu Kyi and recommending the visit to the Tisch Library for Lexis-Nexis.
  • Mr. Gwiazda (a.k.a. Dr. G.) for everything he has done for us--from feeding us cookies in the MacLab to staying in the MacLab into the twilight hours. Thank you so much for your advice and assistance.
  • Geoffrey Hiller for creating "Burma: Grace Under Pressure" and letting us link sites. His website has been a true inspiration.
  • Dana Xu for being our guinea pig and testing out our site.
  • Mr. Haritos for introducing us to the very useful National Public Radio.

    Thank you all very much!

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