Aung San Suu Kyi is a recognized leader of the democratic movement in Burma. She is the symbol of hope and courage that inspires the world to fight for righteousness.

But who is this "Lady" in actuality?
Not much is recorded about Suu Kyiís personal life because she doesnít like to share it with the media.

Suu Kyi answered in an interview with the International Herald Tribune of Paris: "I don't answer personal questions."

But by compiling quotes made by friends, family, and in interviews, an image of Suu Kyi, as who she really is, can be created.

We decided to include a section about Suu Kyiís personality because as researchers of this honorable leader, we felt that we should not just know Suu Kyi by the stereotypic view created by activists and the media. Who Suu Kyi truly is explains how she became so important to Burma.

Aung San Suu Kyi is really a modest, intellectual woman, with two sons whom she cares deeply for. She was raised as and is a Buddhist follower. If it were not for her patriotism, she would have lived a regular life - she would have a common political career and spend holidays with her family. She is also a very traditional woman, as can be seen by the traditional Burmese clothing that she always wears, no matter for what the occasion.

Please read this article by Edward Klein from Vanity Fair: The Lady Triumphs The article does so well to allow the reader to really feel what is like to speak with Suu Kyi. It comes to show, Aung San Suu Kyi is not a shining miracle as depicted by the media, but she is as human as all of us. Being human is what allows her to understand why people, not just the people of Burma, should not suffer; why freedom is so important.

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