Suu Kyi has done a lot towards her goal to make true happiness exist in Burma. She saw happiness in bringing about freedom and justice - this is what democracy stands for.

In 1990, Suu Kyi ran for presidency, representing the National League for Democracy (NLD), which she had helped to form during 1988. During the election, Suu Kyi delivered speeches, hoping to 1) achieve popularity and votes, and mostly 2) to spread the ideal of democracy throughout Burma. Even though Suu Kyi rightfully became Burmaís new leader (she won more than 82% of the votes), she could not. The military regime did not allow it. She was put under house arrest to prevent her taking the position of president. But it did not end there. The government placed her under house arrest again, not nearly one year after her release, and then, continued the second house arrest.

To this day, Suu Kyi is still confined in her home. Even though restricted, she did not give up. She continued to deliver speeches when she was granted permission. She wrote books and essays, such as Freedom from Fear and Letters from Burma. Her actions have grabbed the attention of millions around the world. From this international fame, Suu Kyi has just created her army to fight for human rights in Burma. She found it by using the power of the media to tell her peopleís story through interviews and literature.

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