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History is the story of the victors. The winners document the battles and tally the losses. The other side merely lost, but rarely is it revealed what ideals, inspirations, and art has been also lost. Howard Zinn provides the unique perspective of the individuals who are not celebrated. He presents the stories of those conquered such as the Native Americans, or those exiled such as Emma Goldman. His text and teachings remain historically accurate by relying on primary sources. His history book is not a textbook, his revisionism is the past of revolutions, the mistakes of governments, the heroism of workers, and the efforts to revitalize liberty.

Howard Zinn is not solely a historian. He uses his knowledge in connection to the future, recognizing that history is made every day. He acted in accordance with the words he taught with and wrote. Howard Zinn actively participated in the world: he saw the tragedy of World War II as a soldier, he fought in the Civil Rights Movement, taught at Spelman College, fiercely opposed the Vietnam War, and continues his efforts towards equality today.