Legacy by Aaron McCormick

In working on this project, I have come to have a better understanding about how fragile life is, but at the same time just how powerful life is as well. Lenny Zakim accomplished a great deal of wonderful things in his life. All those who came in contact with Lenny will never forget him. His power, his goodness, his energy are all things that we can learn from. When it came to making a positive difference, Lenny's was always ready to help out. The sheer goodness of this man's heart carried him though life, but was not enough to prevent his tragic death in the end. Lenny fought his disease with love and determination, but tragically lost his fight in the end. It is painful to think about how young a man he was and how unfortunate that such a horrible thing could happen to him. It is also difficult to think of all the wonderful things he could have done if he had lived longer. However, I think people should focus on the positive aspects of his life and all the wonderful memories that people have of him. People should be thankful of the time that they had with him and remember Lenny for the awesome person that he was. I think the most important aspect of Lenny's life and the one thing that must not be forgotten after his passing is that everyone can make a difference. Lenny's message is clearly defined for us. His work shows us how he felt about the world and what changes he wanted to make.

His work continues to have positive impacts on peoples' lives today. His work includes: - THE LENNY FUND which donates money to grassroots, "under the radar" organizations to help promote whatever their cause may be. - his powerful message of combating hatred, bigotry, prejudices, anti-Semitism and to promote diversity and people's differences that is associated with TEAM HARMONY and A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE - his work with the ANTI-DEFIMATION LEAGUE and their message of fighting anti-Semitism and combating hate in everyday life. - his devotion to breaking down barriers and building bridges between interfaith organizations through the CATHOLIC/JEWISH SEDER and the BLACK JEWISH SEDER. - Lenny's great love for all those around him: his family, his friends, and all the others that came in contact with him I never met Lenny.

I feel as if I missed out on a wonderful chance to meet such an inspirational person. However, I believe I do have an understanding of his work and his message. His life long battle against hatred and negativity along with the idea that everyone can make a difference is a worthy model to live by. Also, I have come to appreciate and love my friends and family more because I can. I have learned, in Lenny's words, "to stop and smell the roses." My heart goes out to Lenny's family and I am sorry for the tremendous loss. I hope our web site meets their approval and the approval of all those who knew Lenny. Also, I hope people can learn about Lenny from viewing our site. I also hope that first time viewers can understand what powerful, driven, compassionate, outgoing, caring, loving person that Lenny Zakim was. I am glad that I worked on this project and that I could learn about Lenny. I feel like a better human being as a result.