A World of Difference

"We need to show young people,
as well as ourselves,
that progress is indeed possible! The power of history
in our hands."
-Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel

Lenny listens on as Jon Jennings adresses 5,000 teenagers at the
Washington Team Harmony in1998.

Many of the youth and teachers involved in Team Harmony also participate in the Anti-Defimantion League's A World of Difference Institute. This Institute was begun in 1985 by Lenny Zakim as a bigotry buster.

The Institute sponsors regional conferences to prepare students and teachers to participate in A World of Difference Week. This program supports the implementation of anti-bias programs and events that celebrate diversity. Students and teachers are encouraged to organize committees and plan events that unite a diverse group of people in the community around the issues of civil rights, combating discrimination, and promoting inter-group harmony.

From FBI agents to kindergarten teachers, the training remains the same: understanding and respecting human diversity. There is now a vast network of thousands of middle and high school students and their teachers working to end prejudice and discrimination in over 600 Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire schools through the Team Harmony and A World of Difference Institute's work.

Each year the Institute gives out awards at the Golden Awards event. Such awards include the Golden "Youth Make a Difference" Award that is given to students for their leadership and commitment in taking a stand against prejudice.

For futher information concerning A World of Difference or to contact a member of the World of Difference team go to the official web site at www.adl.org/awod/awod_institute.html.