We would like to take the time to thank everyone that made this website possible:
Mr. Gwiazda, for his everpresent guidance, support, and food, Spencer, for his unorthodox, fun, and exciting teaching style, countless stories about college and baseball, and giving a free crash course in Dreamweaver, Jonathan, for sound technological advice, Libi and Julia, for laughing at Lev's jokes, coming to our rescue every other second, and being cool. A special thanks to Mr. Seevak for giving us this opportunity.

The Zakim Family-Joyce, Josh, Deena and Shari, Moshe Waldoks, Susan and Glenn Rothman, Mary Carty, Mark Sokoll, Janice Ditchek, Brenda Jones, Gerry and Phyllis Zakim. Thank you for your time, your thoughtfulness and honesty. Speaking to those closest to Lenny gave our project the humanity that text books and articles never could.


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