Here are links to recent articles and news on the Mirabal sisters
and the Trujillo dictatorship. All web pages open up a new window.

"Trujillo return in novel haunts Dominicans"
article on reaction to a novel by Peruvian author
Mario Vargas Llosa on the Trujillo regime
Boston Globe article


Memorias del Siglo
"Los que mataron a Trujillo fueron valientes, pero no patriotas."
(in Spanish)


Democracy NOW!
Real Audio file
conversation with Julia Alvarez, author of
In the Time of the Butterflies, about the Mirabal sisters
Acquired from:
Time: 26:58.2


The three Butterflies
article on the Mirabal sisters and their
effect on women in Dominican politics today


Boletín de Noticias
article on Fidel Castro's visit to the
Dominican Republic in August 1998
speech by President Leonel Fernandez

Castro's speech upon his arrival to the D.R.
Fernandez welcomes Castro
Castro's response to Fernandez
(all in Spanish)


The Films of René Fortunato: Demythologizing Trujillo
review of Dominican filmmaker René Fortunato's films on Trujillo


"Recordando a las Mirabal"
editorial about the anniversary of the Mirabal sisters' murder
(in Spanish)