300,000 hear Castro Blast at Trujillo

SANTIAGO, Cuba, March 12 (UPI)

Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro told a mass rally today he would like to lead the fight to overthrow the Trujillo regime in the Dominican Republic but could not do so while Premier of Cuba.

Castro denounced Generalissimo Rafael Leonidas Trujillo, the Dominican "strongman", and President Francois Ducalier of Haiti in a vitrioolic speech to a crowd estimated at 300,000.

It was the biggest rally in the history of Santiago, capital of Oriente province in easternmost Cuba where Castro launched the revolt which ousted dictator Fulgencio Batista.

Castro warned Trujillo "not to continue his campaign of provocations" against Cuba. And he said the revolutionary government was not disposed to let any third power "intercede in his [Trujillo's] behalf."

Castro did not name the third power. However, observers said it was an apparent reference to the United States since Castro lashed out at Duvalier for appealing to Washington to maintain peace in the Caribbean.

He said Trujillo's "four-flushing . . . does not frighten us . . . It is he who is afraid."

He said Trujillo's refusal to return five planes in which Batista and his cohorts escaped Jan. 1 was a “provocation . . . and an offense to the people of Cuba.”

In Havana, Haitian exile leader Sen. Louis Dejole denied that an invasion of Haiti from Cuba was being planned in an effort to overthrow Duvalier. "No expedition is going to sail for Haiti from Cuba," he said.