Inside The Cocoon
The Mirabal Sisters' Childhood


Maria Teresa, the youngest of the Mirabal sisters, was born on October 15, 1936. She attended Inmaculada Concepción after the rest of her sisters. In 1954 she graduated from the Liceo de San Francisco de Macorís in Mathematics, and then went to the University of Santo Domingo to study math. On February 14, 1958, she married the engineer Leandro Guzmán, and on February 17, 1959, gave birth to their daughter Jaqueline. Maria Teresa followed and admired Minerva, and became involved in her sisters' political activities. On January 20, 1960 she was detained at a military base in Salcedo and freed the same day. Two days later, on January 22, she and Minerva were arrested and taken to La Cuarenta, the infamous torture prison, and then transferred to La Victoria. They were freed on February 7, 1960. On March 18, 1960, she and Minerva were once again taken to La Cuarenta, having been sentenced to five years for threatening the security of the state (this sentence was reduced to three years on appeal). The two sisters were freed on August 18, 1960.


"… perhaps what we have most near is death, but that idea does not frighten me, we shall continue to fight for that which is just…"
Maria Teresa Mirabal