Click here to visit Boston Latin School's Facing History and Ourselves website. Boston Latin School has recently created a Facing History and Ourselves website, which has a section dedicated to the Seevak/Facing History and Ourselves projects from 1999 and 2000; if you would like to visit this site, click the image of Boston Latin School to the left.

Facing History and Ourselves has a one-of-a-kind collaboration with the Boston Latin School. The Brookline based organization helps educators and students formulate a curriculum that delves into the topics of anti-Semitism and the Holocaust, racism, sexism, and citizenship.

With the generous support of the Boston Latin School alumnus, Mr. Sheldon Seevak, the Seevak/Facing History and Ourselves Competition offers scholarship awards to teams of Boston Latin School students who successfully produce multimedia computer projects dedicated to "a person who has made an important difference." Since the launching of the competition three years ago, students partaking in the competition have combined print, press clippings, interviews, images, video, and audio to formulate a website aimed "toward the investigation of an individual who contributed in some special way to tolerance, human rights, and/or democratic institutions."

The quality of the projects will be judged on the following criteria: the relevancy of the person to whom the website is dedicated, the depth of the research, the support of the thesis, the variety of sources, the display of technical knowledge, and powerful writing. The enthusiasm of the students and their personal knowledge of the subject will also be evaluated in an oral presentation in front of the panel of judges, while displaying the final form of the website.