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The Assassination of the Mahatma
This video clip hightlights Gandhi's achievements in his lifetime. In the background is the voice of Jawaharlal Nehru, one of Gandhi's followers. He also says that though Gandhi is no longer physically with them, he lives in the hearts and souls of his followers and supporters. This clip is provided here courtesy of
The Work of the Mahatma
This video illustrates the work of the Mahatma. It shows him demonstrating his care for his people by producing products for his people including clothing. He is often seen spinning cloth at a wheel. This clip is also provided here courtesy of


The Mahatma and the King
On his visit to England for the Round Table Conference. The Mahatma interacts with the Pearly King and his children. And shows his ability to enjoy life to its fullest even when he was realising the insincerity of the British Rulers and their designs of dividing the Indian populace.
Freedom but Not by Dividing India : M. K. Gandhi
The Mahatma tells the last Viceroy that he opposes freedom for India if it comes with the vivisection of the Motherland. The clip features the Mahatma with Lord and Lady Mountbatten of Burma at the Viceroy's Palace New Delhi.

The following movies shown here are concerning assassination attempts at Gandhi and the actual assassination of Gandhi. They are provided here courtesy of Ahrun Gandhi, and The M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence and the Official Mahatma Gandhi Website.

The First Attempt, Bomb Attack
On 20th January Madanlal Phawa exploded a bomb at the prayer meeting as a distraction to enable the murder of the Mahatma. The attempt failed.
Assassination of Mahatma Gandhi
On 30th January the Mahatma walked towards the prayer ground and death. Nathuram Godse shot him thrice from point blank range.
A Cortage of a Million Souls
More than one million people congregated at Birla Bhavan and joined the last journey of the slain father of the nation from Birla Bhavan to Raj Ghat.
The Final Resting Place
As the sunset the body of the Mahatma was placed on a sandalwood pyre at Raj Ghat as pauper and prince joined in to pay their last respects.


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